Need to Have Forklift Propane Tank Delivered?

While forklifts are most commonly powered by electricity, there are some models that use propane. If you have a propane-powered forklift, you will need a forklift propane tank. Here at Propane Ninja, we can help you find the perfect propane tank for your forklift.

We carry a wide variety of forklift propane tanks, so you will definitely find one that fits your forklift model. We also offer a wide range of sizes, so you can choose the right tank for your need. Plus, we offer competitive prices on all our forklift propane tanks.

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Why Try Our Propane Tank for Forklifts?

Propane Ninja provides propane forklift tank that offer you the following benefits:

  • Up to 22 lbs lighter, making them the lightest FLT cylinders available.
  • Translucent gas level, so you can see through it
  • Meets OSHA lifting guidelines, as at 47 lbs it is within the 50 lbs recommended limit
  • Competitive Pricing, which won’t rip you off at all!


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Industries count on us for our propane forklift fuel, delivered on time with precision. Since our logistics ensure efficient deliveries, our fiberglass cylinders compliment by adding the highest degree of safety standards in the industry.

Our fiberglass propane forklift fuel delivery system is one of a kind and unmatched by our competition. With forklift safety training, scheduled automatic deliveries, and cylinders that actually fall under OSHA guidelines, we have a winning formula for long term customers. After all, we are in it to see them succeed.

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Viking Cylinders® are lighter than aluminum and steel cylinders. With a tare weight of just under 16 lbs, our cylinders are the lightest FLT cylinders available. Filled to capacity they weigh less than 47 lbs, which is below the OSHA recommended maximum lifting limit of 50 lbs. The low weight combined with an ergonomic design makes this cylinder very easy to lift, handle and stack, further reducing the risk of workplace injury.

The HDPE liner and fiberglass pressure vessel have sufficient translucency for the user to see the liquid level of LPG inside the cylinder. The translucency feature enables the user to see the gas level through the wall of the cylinder, therefore eliminating the risk of running out of gas at an inopportune time. It also makes it possible for the consumer to verify that the cylinder has actually been filled with the right amount of LPG.


With over 9 million units in use worldwide, our cylinders hold the best safety record in the industry. Viking Cylinders patented construction withstands a burst pressure that is twice as high as their steel counterparts. In addition, our cylinders will not BLEVE, eliminating the risk of explosion in case of fire. This is by far the best tank for your propane forklift.

Hexagon Ragasco fiberglass LPG cylinders can be burned in a fire without any concern for a BLEVE. After a few minutes in a fire, the resin will be burned off and the plastic liner and casing melted. The LPG will then “breathe” through the cylinder wall and burn off in a controlled manner.


The translucent fiberglass materials allow you to see the fuel level eliminating the need for inaccurate gauges on your propane forklift. It is now easy to see how much fuel is left. The FLT cylinders are delivered with proper liquid service valve which varies by market. In North America cylinders can be configured with a Multivalve that includes the ACME fast fill connection for increased flexibility.

Hexagon Ragasco fiberglass LPG cylinders do not corrode. All applied materials are non-corrosive and have been carefully selected to ensure maximum chemical stability and resistance to concentrations of acids or solvents that may appear in the LPG or in the environment where the LPG cylinders may be stored or used.
Additionally the pressure vessel is protected by a coating on the outside.


Viking Cylinders do not rust or deteriorate like steel cylinders, so they’ll never need repainting. This effectively eliminates refurbishment costs. Your company will save money by eliminating the cost and time needed for shot-blasting, painting, baking… as a result, you will also preserve the environment by eliminating toxic residues from the refurbishment process and saving energy.

For aesthetic purposes,Hexagon Ragasco fiberglass LPG cylinders can be easily and inexpensively cleaned by power-washing with a soap and water solution. Therefore, shot-blasting or painting of the cylinders is not necessary.


Viking Cylinders are produced at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Norway. Furthermore,Viking Cylinders’ fully-automated production line is the only one of its kind in the world. Quality is assured throughout with all steps in the value chain and all processes certified according to ISO 9001. Most of all, During the manufacturing process, there are numerous points where production data on each cylinder is collected and stored for full traceability.


Viking Cylinders comply with a wide range of international standards and approvals. The principal ones include:

  • Department of Transportation: DOT-SP 12706 & TC SU 5931
  • International Standards Organization: ISO 9001 & ISO 11119-3
  • Pressure Vessel Testing: EN 14427 & EN 12245
Viking Propane Tanks

Our 3-Step Forklift Propane Tank Ordering Process

Propane Ninja offers a 3-step solution to ordering a forklift propane tank.

STEP 1: Reach Us Out through Call or Email

Call us up on (800) 644-2190 or send us an email on, so you can talk to our support team.

STEP 2: Tell Us Which Propane Ninja Service You Need

There are a variety of them, including our forklift propane fuel delivery service.

STEP 3: Receive Your Forklift Propane Tank!

Let us know if the order is not as you specified, and we will replace it for you.



  • Service pressure: 20 bar  /  294 psi
  • Test pressure: 30 bar  /  441 psi
  • Required burst pressure: 60 bar /  882 psi
  • Actual Hexagon Ragasco burst pressure: 150 bar  /  2200 psi


A wide variety of valves for liquid service and horizontal filling.

  • One hole solution – fewer points for potential leaks on your propane forklift
  • Multi function valve, including PRV and Excess Flow Valve
  • Translucent cylinder no need for level gauge
  • Valve fully protected by upper casing
  • Straight threads reduce torque force into fiberglass walls
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What Our Clients Say about Propane forklift tank?

QouteThese guys are amazing!! I order a lot of gas for my propane forklift and  they are extremely professional, and extremely prompt! I never have to ask twice. I love working with people like them and would recommend them anytime!”

– Allina LeFrock

QouteGreat value and excellent customer service. I highly recommend them for your propane needs.”

– Joe Carey

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