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Tampa – Florida’s Biggest City

Tampa is Florida’s biggest city. It’s located on the Gulf Coast and is home to a myriad of culturally important establishments like Busch Gardens—an African-themed amusement park. With warm summers and numerous beaches dotting its coast, Tampa is a haven for those that love tropical weather. Downtown Tampa features stunning views of Tampa Bay and a gorgeous city skyline that’s best viewed from a boat on the bay.

Retail and logistics are two of the largest contributors to Tampa’s economy. They’re fueled by demand from the thousands of tourists and residents who flock to food and retail outlets across Tampa every year. These outlets add to Tampa’s culture and play a massive role in keeping the city’s tourism sector thriving. They provide customers with a place to shop, dine, and be entertained at all times of the day.

Hire One of the Most Reliable Propane Delivery Services in Tampa

Whatever their timings, most food outlets in Tampa require a reliable fuel source like propane to cook for their customers. Retailers also require propane to fuel forklifts that load and unload items in their loading docks. In other words, propane is essential to keep Tampa’s food and retail businesses ticking.

At Propane Ninja, we’re proud to be the only Tampa-based supplier of fiberglass propane tanks for forklifts. Our tanks are designed for ease-of-use by forklift drivers as they weigh 3 pounds less than the OSHA recommended maximum lifting limit. They’re also highly ergonomic and two times more resistant to burst pressure than steel tanks.

We also provide a propane tank exchange service for retailers across the city. We dispatch steel propane tanks to retail businesses based on an automatic propane delivery schedule our team prepares in advance.

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A Propane Delivery Service with a Quality-centric Philosophy

With a business philosophy focusing on family and a strong retention rate, Propane Ninja has built a reputation as one of Tampa’s highest-quality propane delivery services. We’re proud of the role we play in keeping Tampa’s forklift logistics and retail industries running smoothly, and we’ve built a strong customer base because of our commitment to quality.

If you’re looking for a propane delivery service with a philosophy that focuses on punctuality and being proactive, look no further than Propane Ninja. Give us a call today at 1-800-644-2190 or email us at to learn more about our services.

QouteWe love Propane Ninja! They are super professional, prompt, and sooooo nice!!! I own a restaurant in Gulfport and their service has been amazing! I would highly suggest them to anyone looking for propane or cooling services.”

– Jill Johnson

QouteThank you Mike Dodd and Propane Ninja. You have kept our guest warm and comfortable during this cold season. Best product and customer service. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for propane or heating needs.“

– Anthony Cucci

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