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We are a company that believes in family. Our customers mean a lot to us and we work hard to ensure their businesses don’t falter. We have a great retention rate for a reason and we are proud to say these ideals have provided the best propane delivery service for clients. 


We have a great insight on innovation in the propane environment. Using already available technology from other industries, we are constantly able to implement the best strategy for customer cohesion, leading to great satisfaction and longer business relationships with success in propane delivery.


Fast, Flexible, & Frequent. Our mission revolves around sound propane delivery, every time. We proactively manage our customer base to ensure high quality of service and transparency so we are treating each and every customer with the utmost respect for their business.

Pete Mike

Bringing The Flame

Quality processes and intelligent marketing. Propane Ninja simplifies deliveries and amplifies sales for its clients. Our team is ready to meet your needs.

The propane industry is ready for a change. With quality of product deeply ingrained, Propane Ninja is changing the way people think about how they get their propane. The convenience mindset is taking hold, and new opportunities to use technology with logistics is paving the way for better service, more product offerings, and a much higher degree of safety.

  • Propane Ninja’s history is filled with success. Our company has been noticed by National Industry Publications such as the LP Gas Magazine, and highlighted as a local company to watch by the Bradenton Herald Tribune.
  • It is our goal to fulfill the needs of our client’s customers. With this mentality, we take pride in ensuring our business clients are ready to handle the needs of their customers from day one. It’s hard to explain how passionate our team is about service and client communication. We strive for transparency so that our clients know when we leave the dock and when to expect deliveries.
  • From Forklift Cylinder Fuel Delivery, to BBQ Exchange, to Hospitality Heating, we offer a customized product that suits the very specific needs of each industry. By doing so, our quality of service has exponentially grown to include a Tanks On Demand 24 hour text hotline, Patio Heater Leasing and Sales, Locked-in Pricing, Forklift Safety Training, and so much more!
  • The Propane Ninja way has always been about the business clients we service. From small to large we flex to understand the immediate and long term needs of these businesses. Please read a few testimonials from happy clients through this booklet.

We love what we do, and it shows in our service.

Professional Staff

Responsive and courteous staff ready to respond to orders and the needs of clients.

Timeline Management

Propane Delivery with active time tracking and routing for efficiency management. Proactivity is name of the game.

Technology Innovation

Using innovation to bridge the gap between Client, Vendor and ultimately the Consumer.

Highlight: Hospitality Heating

Propane Ninja delivers with precision. With Fast, Flexible, and Frequent delivery schedules. We deliver on time when you need it most.  You can rely on Propane Ninja Delivery for Patio Heater Repair, Patio Heater Leasing, and Patio Heaters to buy. We have a Flame Tube Heater model available, and a Mushroom Style. Both in Stainless Steel. We are fire code proficient. Unlike many small propane companies out there, we make sure you are properly using your heaters and the cylinders are in a safe storage location. Trust the Ninja for your Propane Delivery today!

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QouteWe love Propane Ninja! They are super professional, prompt, and sooooo nice!!! I own a restaurant in Gulfport and their service has been amazing! I would highly suggest them to anyone looking for propane or cooling services.”

– Jill Johnson

QouteThank you Mike Dodd and Propane Ninja. You have kept our guest warm and comfortable during this cold season. Best product and customer service. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for propane or heating needs.“

– Anthony Cucci

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